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Luxy® Hair  - To bang or not to bang? Dating app edition...
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To bang or not to bang? Dating app edition...

You might be wondering...what exactly do bangs and dating have in common? For starters, it can be hard to commit to both. We get it! Picking a partner and taking the plunge with a new hairstyle can be daunting, so we decided to try out a little experiment: we tested bangs vs. no bangs on popular dating apps (Hinge and Bumble).

Sylvia decided to see how she fared with bangs vs. no bangs? If you're wondering which hairstyle her prospects found more irresistible, we've got you covered. Fun social studies experiment or a journey to find love...we say this one was a little bit of both! 

Curious to find out what happened? Watch the video below.

There's definitely something sexy about bangs; they have a smoldering quality that really enhances your eyes. We get it though! Just because they seem like fun you don't want to make the chop and then deal with the consistent styling and trims required to maintain your look. The solution? Luxy Hair Clip-In Bangs: they are the perfect way to get bangs, instantly and without the commitment.

If you've ever contemplated which hairstyle will yield more head turns and swipes on the dating front, now you can find out for yourself! Of course, at the end of the day it comes down to a matter of personal preference but there is something undeniably mysterious about bangs we can't help but find flirty.

With Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day around the corner, there's no better time to dial up the drama or simply just change up your look. Sometimes, embracing an alter ego can push you outside your comfort zone...you might even work up the courage to chat up that stranger across the bar or send a flirty initiation text on your favorite app. Wear something daring, try out a bold lip, or even go out in a neighborhood you've never explored before. With bangs, you'll want to channel your wild side! 

If you're not feeling bangs, even without the commitment, the half up, half down hairstyle is a notoriously sexy date night look. For an edgier look, try an extreme side part with some tousled waves. Feeling something more classic? A romantic, low ponytail with some face-framing pieces is the way to go.

So what's the conclusion? We think it's always a good idea to change up your look and have fun with it. It can be easy to get caught in routines and take ourselves too seriously, but taking a good risk when it comes to beauty every once in a while can be fun! 

Did you prefer Sylvia with or without bangs? Let us know in the comments below! 

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