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Luxy® Hair  - Buzzfeed Hair Hacks Tested! | 10 Hair Styling Hacks
Hair Tips & Tricks

Buzzfeed Hair Hacks Tested! | 10 Hair Styling Hacks

Buzzfeed hair hacks tested Luxy Hair

There's been tons of articles and videos about hair hacks going around the internet lately. And although many of them are indeed super entertaining, majority leave you scratching your head. Like, really, when in your everyday life will you whip out a fork or a banana to curl your hair? (I mean, super cool, but really not that practical if you ask me).

In this week's video, we've rounded up 10 hair styling hacks that you will actually use. Most of them have to do with being lazy (or busy - whatever makes you feel better, haha) and that's definitely something we can all relate to. The video was inspired by this article from Buzzfeed and some Pins. We put to test 10 different hair hacks and found that they actually work. Check out the video here:

Hair Hack #1

Wash half your hair only to create a freshly washed look. Half the time, half the effort = excellent looking hair.

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

Hair Hack #2

The split-twist-and-clip. Literally that's what it's called. This hairstyle takes 60 seconds to create but looks like you've spent lots of time on it. Great everyday hairstyle for those days when you're running late.

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

Hair Hack #3

Out of dry shampoo

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

No worries - use baby powder! Tap a little bit on your hand or onto a brush to make sure there is no excess (unless you want snowy-looking roots) and gently rub into your scalp at the roots. The dry shampoo will soak up the excess oils and leave your hair looking more fresh.

Hair Hack #4

Tired of flat, dull hair? Try blow drying your hair upside down. This will give the hair follicle a little more lift and your hair will have more life to it, without having to tease it. 

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

Hair Hack #5

Do you get creases in your hair from your hair elastic? They're kind of annoying because they're so hard to fix. A simple fix for that are those cord-like hair ties. Alternatively you can just take a piece of fabric as shown in the video and tie your hair with it while you sleep to avoid the dreaded hair crease. 

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

Hair Hack #6

You want your hair tools to work wonders on your hair, right? Well, they need some love too. When was the last time you cleaned your hairbrush? Chances are, there's a TON of hair stuck to it that you haven't even acknowledged. Clean our your brushes with a comb for maximum effectiveness. Even better, clean ALL your hair tools - here is a great and details blog post on how do that here

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

Hair Hack #7

To get really loose beachy waves fast, twist small sections of the hair and run over with a flat iron. We'll be frank, they may not be the best waves ever, but we couldn't not test this 'hack' that we keep seeing pictures of. Our tip is to stick with these methods of curling hair instead! 

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

Hair Hack #8

Does your hair ever get static-y? This hack is neat. Put a dryer sheet on your brush and brush your hair normally. Not only does this get rid of static completely, but also leaves your hair smelling AMAZING. 

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

Hair Hack #9

You may feel like you've seen this one many times, but it REALLY does work. If your hairstyles don't stay in place, you've got to pin your bobby pins with the wavy side down and criss-cross another one on top. That way your hairstyles will stay in place!

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

Hair Hack #10

If you're a beginner when it comes to braiding, or just love experimenting with different hairstyles, this hair hack is genius. Braid in front of yourself (like a beard) and when your'e done, flip it behind your head. Result = super easy hairstyle that looks complicated!

10 Hair Hacks You Will Actually Use - Luxy Hair

There you have it - 10 awesome tips and tricks that you can actually do every day. Thank you to our beautiful friend Elanna for collabing with us on this awesome video. Elanna is wearing her Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions in 220g which she wears almost on a daily basis, to add length and thickness to her hair.

Did you love these hair hacks and want to see more? Watch these videos that we created on our YouTube channel

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