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Luxy® Hair  - Heart Twist Hairstyle - Perfect for Valentine's Day

Heart Twist Hairstyle - Perfect for Valentine's Day

Here at Luxy Hair HQ, we love love. And we'll take any excuse to express our love - especially if we can incorporate hair. That's why for this Valentine's day, we came up with a twisted heart hairstyle, perfect for the most romantic time of the year. Rock it for your next date night or all throughout the year - we won't judge ;)

Enjoy the video tutorial below created by our beautiful friend Alex Gaboury or scroll down for step-by-step instructions. 

Tools Needed

Step One

This hairstyle can be done with or without extensions but Alex opts for some 220g Ash Blonde extensions. Clip in a full set for extra drama or just add in your three and four clip wefts like Alex for extra some extra volume at the back.

best hair extensions 

Step Two

Part your hair as normal, then, starting on the left gather your first section of hair. Leave some hair down to cover your ears to give the hairstyle a more effortless appearance.  If you're looking to add extensions, it's simple, just divide that side section and half, placing the front half out of the way and then sneak in that double layered set of one-clip Luxy Hair wefts. Tightly secure that section with a clear hair elastic to create a small ponytail. Repeat on the right side.

valentine's day hairstyle

Step Three

Starting on the left side, bobby pin your ponytail to your head (at the hair elastic) so that it's now pointing towards the middle of your head. This will make the next step even easier. Repeat on the right side.

Step Four

Once each ponytail secured in place, we can begin forming our heart. Tightly twist your first section of hair counter-clockwise, and as you're twisting, begin directing your hair up and around to form the top of the heart. Use your free hand to help guide your hair and just continue twisting down section. Once you're happy with it, just clip the bottom of your twist your head. Repeat on the right side, twisting in the opposite direction.

heart twist hairstyle

Step Four

Secure both twists in place with a couple of bobby pins. Once in place, tie the two ends of the twists together with a clear elastic - this will form the base of the heart. Finish off the look with a pretty ribbon in the color of your choice.

easy date night hairstyles

And that's it! A beautiful heart twist hairstyle - perfect for Valentine's day. Do you celebrate this love-filled holiday? Share your plans in the comments below :) 

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