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Luxy® Hair  - Meet McKenna: #myluxyhairstory

Meet McKenna: #myluxyhairstory

Our final #myluxyhairstory winner is McKenna, whose illness led to thinning hair that just wouldn't grow back as thick and beautiful as it once used to be. Read on to find out how Luxy Hair extensions helped restore thickness and length to her hair, as well as a new found sense of self-confidence.

Meet McKenna: #myluxyhairstory from Luxy Hair on Vimeo.

Everything was bigger in Texas...

I live in Texas, where big hair is everything. I use to have thick, full, healthy blonde hair, so I fitted right in with the southern stereotype. I loved my hair and I would constantly receive compliments on it. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite feature was, I would say my hair, without hesitation.

Except my hair...

Unfortunately, in May of 2016, I got very, very sick, and it took its toll on me. Not only was I experiencing physical symptoms, but I was losing a large amount of hair. I tried getting it trimmed to make it look thicker, but it continued to thin. I became extremely insecure...I couldn’t braid my hair, and could hardly make a bun look decent. My ponytails were stringy, and my flat ironed hair looked painfully stringy. I wouldn’t even leave the house without a hat, and never wore my hair down.

I cried often, missing the beautiful hair I used to have. My self confidence drained, I felt embarrassed of my own hair. I could do nothing but wait for it to grow back, but it fell out about as fast as it came in. Eventually, the rate I was losing hair went down. I was healed, but my hair was a different story. It would be years before it all grew back, and there was always the chance that some wouldn’t.

Then I found Luxy Hair

Knowing how my hair loss impacted me, someone suggested for me to get a set of extensions, and after some research, I decided to purchase a set of 220g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions. Every review I watched pointed to this brand - I could tell that they were going to give me the best hair for the best price.

When they arrived in their pretty pink Luxy box, I was in awe of how silky they were! They felt like real, natural hair. I was hesitant to try them though, after all, my hair wasn’t very strong, and I didn’t want to pull any of the regrowth out. I’ve heard hair extensions stories that portrayed them as harsh and painful, and I didn’t know if my hair would be able to handle them, so I didn’t use them for about a week. I didn’t even want to risk damaging my hair and losing more than I had.

One night, I decided to ‘take the plunge’ and try them on, just for kicks. I watched one of the Luxy Hair videos on blending them with fine, short hair, and my novice hands clipped them right on in. The video made it super simple, which was great for me!

Luxy Hair extensions before & after

I couldn't believe it...I had my hair back

When I finally had them in and styled, I looked in the mirror, and began to tear up. I couldn’t believe it...I had my hair back. The extensions made my hair look just like it had before I had gotten sick, maybe even better. It was certainly longer than it had ever been, and I was beyond ecstatic. The clips didn’t hurt like I thought they would, and the hair, even with a 220 gram set, was not heavy. I was up for HOURS trying all the hairstyles I used to love, and a lot more. I haven’t gone a day without them ever since. I could finally style my hair without wanting to cry. I was actually excited to finish my makeup and style my hair when I usually dreaded all the work it took to make my hair look thicker.

#myluxyhairstory McKenna

My self confidence was restored. The damage that I had expected to come from the extensions never happened and my hair holds the clips easily, even with the fineness of the strands. It doesn’t pull my hair out, or cause breakage. My little baby hairs are growing healthy and strong, and the clips haven’t damaged them at all. The hair is extremely high quality, and styles well. It even will hold a curl for days! They’re extremely easy to clip in, and I can have a long, luscious ponytail in 2 minutes!

#myluxyhairstory McKenna

I wear my Luxies everywhere- I put them in braids at the gym, in a messy bun to study, or in a ponytail to hike. They’re incredibly versatile, and it’s so easy to blend them with my shorter hair. I’ve worn them down for formal events, and braided back for a costume...No matter how I wear them, they always look incredible.

Thank you, Luxy Hair!

I’m so glad that I have my Luxies, and recommend them to any girl who asks how I have such beautiful hair. Even when someday my hair grows back, I will continue to own a set (or two) of Luxy Hair extensions.

#myluxyhairstory McKenna

To anyone who is hesitant to try hair extensions: do it. You’ll be amazed at how something so seemingly insignificant as length or volume can give you such a self confidence boost. Get extensions, and get them from Luxy Hair. I’ve done my research, and there’s no better brand out there. Their customer service is great, and they have so many resources for hair styling and extension care. I’ve had mine for about 5 months and they’re just as beautiful as the day I received them.

Take the plunge. It’s not just an accessory - it’s an investment in YOU. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted their #myluxyhairstory - your touching stories have been a pleasure to read and we are so happy to be a part of all your hair journeys! We can't wait to empower more gorgeous women around the world with Luxy Hair extensions. xo

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