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Luxy® Hair  - Meet Victoria: #myluxyhairstory
Hair Extensions

Meet Victoria: #myluxyhairstory

My journey of self-love and acceptance 

Long, thick, luscious hair. It’s so beautiful and girls who are born with it are so lucky. The thing is, beauty has been so distinctly studied and advanced that today women can now feel beautiful in ways unimaginable. I used to look at random girls on the streets or TV and literally be left in awe from how luscious and beautiful their hair was and all I could help but think is “wow, I will never look like that.”

As I spent endless nights reading up on “how to make your hair long and thick FAST!!” I realized the process takes time and doesn’t really work for everyone. Some people said that diet was a huge factor, others listed endless products that costs tons of money, and more said hair growth fluctuated on the time of year, stress, and many other factors. To say the least, I was hopeless.

In a society where we are surrounded by beautiful women, we naturally want to feel a certain way about ourselves. Let me tell you, self-love and confidence is HUGE, and I know I really struggled finding that for myself. I won’t lie, I love looking in the mirror and loving what I see, and I know the majority of women can agree with me on that. Who doesn’t want to look in the mirror and feel beautiful? For me, something I always struggled with was my hair.

So this is me in grade 10, my junior year:

#myluxyhairstory Victoria

This is when I just found out about bleaching, and I got my very first set of highlights. At this point in my life, my hair was still long and relatively thick, but that didn’t last for long - I was so oblivious of how damaging bleaching and dyeing hair was! Change was a must for me and it was as if every time I got bored or faced a turning point in my life, I would resort to changing my hair. As I got to my sophomore and senior year I seriously splurged. At one point, I decided “you know what, I think I was made to be a brunette.” 

#myluxyhairstory Victoria

So, I box dyed my hair black for 6 months straight, and of course after all that hassle I had a sudden urge to bleach my whole head back to blonde.

#myluxyhairstory Victoria

What a mistake. My hair was crying!! Not only did I try to go from jet black hair to bleach blonde in ONE session but my hair looked like yellow hay. Frizzy ends, dry as ever and I was so unhappy with the way I looked. (Please keep in mind that although it doesn’t appear that bad in these pictures the damage was evident in person and of course I only took photos in my most flattering moments). After all that, it was no surprise that I called for change once again. The only way to reverse the damage was to cut it all off. So, I rocked the bob cut for a while.

 #myluxyhairstory Victoria

After this style I was thinking “hey this isn’t so bad”, but I couldn’t help but miss the long thick hair that I had ruined with all my little colour experiments. This is when I really started considering growing it back with proper hair care routines, which as I mentioned, are hard to predict and can take quite some time.

This is when I discovered hair extensions.

Wait a sec...Ariana's hair isn't actually that long?

After searching for hours I was shocked with the news. “What do you mean Ariana Grande wears hair extensions?! You’re telling me that long pony ISN’T real?!” So instead of trying to grow my real hair why not have the best of both worlds? I’ll rock the extensions and my hair will grow in the process - perfect! Especially since prom was around the corner and of course I wanted to look my best.

Ariana Grande Hair Extensions

Sadly, as I started looking at some reviews, I was horrified with the stories. Some girls said extensions ripped their hair out, it was painful, too heavy, couldn’t wash their hair properly, left their scalp itchy and the list goes on and on. Did I really want that for myself? Seemed like more work than just growing out my own hair. Plus, buying extensions and paying someone an extra $200 to put them in just to have them for a few months was too expensive for my student budget.

Then I found the Holy Grail...clip-in hair extensions

Thankfully for me, I came across Mimi and Leyla’s YouTube channel and discovered they created their very own line of Luxy Hair extensions, which did I mention, are clip ins?! GENIUS.

These are extensions that you can clip in when you want long and thick hair, and just clip out at the end of the night. What a wonderful invention, I was thrilled! I just had to have them, it was a must, and it was one of the best decisions I made. I felt beautiful!

I purchased the 160g Dirty Blonde Luxies and sure enough this blended beautifully with the mixture of colours I had going on in my hair. The best part about clip-ins is that I had so much freedom in what I wanted to do with my hair. Did I want straight hair, curly, ponytail, long braid? Whatever it was, Luxy Hair extensions made it easy because they are 100% remy human hair and so easy to style. 

 #myluxyhairstory Victoria

I felt like a princess, and the best part? No one could even tell it wasn’t my own hair! That’s how effortless and natural these extensions blended. I looked in the mirror and I felt bold and beautiful and no one could tell me otherwise. I believe your confidence is so important to wear.  

I am now in my second year of university and still rocking the same set. What surprised me the most about these extensions is how long they last. With a few washes and re-styling I still get that beautiful blend. Especially for those blondes out there, you know how hard it is to keep the same shade. Whether my hair is a bit brassy or overly blonde, somehow, with my Luxies, the Dirty Blonde shade always blends with whatever colour my hair is at. This is me wearing my Luxies currently:

#myluxyhairstory Victoria

#myluxyhairstory Victoria                   
So, this is what my hair journey taught me…

First off, let me state that it is 2017 and we have come so far. Beauty is a booming industry. In the last few years I have just learned about hair extensions, eyelash extensions, personal tanners, laser hair removal and the list goes on and on. Some women live for putting our gender down, shaming us for feeling confident with the makeup we wear or the extensions we use – that is society. But what is crucial to remember is that underneath it all women are strong, confident, empowering, amazing and beautiful. Makeup, eyelashes, tans these are all just devices to enhance our natural beauty and there should be absolutely no shame in that. Yeah, so what? I do use hair extensions, but so goes Selena Gomez, Kim K, Kylie Jenner and bunch of other celebrities.

#myluxyhairstory Victoria

Like I mentioned, some women are fortunate enough to be able to grow long, thick beautiful hair, but for me I lack in that category. Personally, I used one too many jet black boxes of hair dye and spent a few too many all nighters studying for exams to be able to grow my hair out like that again. I must say, I owe Luxy Hair extensions a huge thank you in my journey of self-acceptance but also perseverance. My hair will always be a little shorter than I'd like, but hey, I can still rock long luscious hair anytime I feel like it, and you can too. You DESERVE to feel beautiful and confident and honey boo boo, don’t let ANYONE tell you different.

Thank you, Luxy Hair! 

I have struggled with self-love, beauty and confidence for years and hair extensions helped me through it. Not because I relied on the extra hair to think I’m beautiful, but, it helped me accept that with or without the extensions I was still me. Long or short hair, I wore both and I was still beautiful and I knew it. Wearing some extra hair does not make you “fake” or “unaccepting” of yourself and if that’s what you’re afraid of, you've got it all wrong. Tons of women lack hair growth for several reasons, and I’ve gone through many. So, if I’m going to give you any more tips I say go for it.

My loves, you are a diamond in the rough. Be fierce, feel beautiful and express yourself.

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