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Luxy® Hair  - The Faces Behind Luxy Hair: Katie, Influencer Manager

The Faces Behind Luxy Hair: Katie, Influencer Manager

What does a typical day at Luxy look like for you?

Each day is different, which I really love about my job, but I do have a little routine! A typical day would consist of checking my calendar and planning out my day around my calls and meetings. Then respond to as many emails as I can in the morning. Before lunch, check over my influencer collabs and content that’s due to come in! I mix up what I eat for lunch depending on how healthy I’m feeling 😜  and then dive into the afternoon with more research, analysis and negotiations!

Describe your WFH outfit

Anything but jeans! My WFH outfit tends to be comfy sweatpants/shorts with a cool t-shirt!

Why did you decide to pursue a career in this field?

After studying Advertising Design, I really got a feel for digital advertising and marketing and felt excited to see how the world of marketing was changing from traditional advertising to online everything!

I wrote my dissertation on the history and future of social media and how advertising played a role in that. My thesis received high praise from my tutors because this was back in 2013 when Facebook JUST started running ads! I was also headhunted into my first digital marketing associate role in the UK and the rest is history!

Who is your hair inspo and why?

Delaney Childs was my most recent hair inspo. I have always had platinum white blonde hair but during lockdown, I decided to go for something easier to maintain and let my natural dark hair grow out! I recently got an ombre and added some highlights! I miss my white blonde hair so I think I will be going lighter once the hairdressers open. 💇🏼‍♀️

Favourite thing about working at Luxy?

So far, it’s got to be the Luxy Team! Everyone has been so welcoming, kind and helpful and I couldn’t be happier! I feel very lucky!

Which emojis do you use the most often?

I feel like I go through these emotions daily > 😂 🤢 😍 🥳 🙌🏻 👀

What are 3 things you are grateful for and why?

Right now, I’m grateful for my boyfriend and his family! They have been so supportive and welcoming. I’m originally from the UK and moved to Canada after 5 years in Hong Kong and China, so it’s been a journey and they’ve made it 10x easier!

I’m grateful for my cat! She’s been through so much and flew with us from Hong Kong to Canada and has been very well behaved. Having her here is really comforting and I’m glad she’s adapted so well to all the travel.

Finally, I’m grateful for all my travel experiences and the events which all happened to bring me to where I am today. That sounds quite philosophical, but it’s definitely something I give gratitude for daily.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

Something that sticks with me every day is my Mum’s philosophy on happiness. Growing up she always taught me that happiness and well-being comes before anything, so never sacrifice it if you don’t have to.

What is your favourite snack?

I LOVE dips (and sauces and condiments haha). So I think right now it’s Tostito Scoops with Philadelphia caramelized onion dip.

Describe your self care routine

I’m a Taurus, so self care comes naturally to me! Cooking or ordering my favourite food, doing my nails with a face mask on followed by watching an amazing TV show or movie before bed… which is almost a daily self care routine!

Share your haircare routine!

My hair is bleached blonde! So Olaplex conditioner masks and sleeping in conditioner is something I do to keep my hair healthy.

What are your go to Luxy products for everyday and for special occasions?

I think my favourite everyday product will be the Halo! I have a feeling it’s going to be my go-to. For special occasions I’ll be repping a set of seamless balayage extensions for extra length and volume!

Which social platform is your favourite and who do you enjoy following the most and why?

My favourite platform is Reddit and I follow these subreddits: SkincareAddicts, TikTokCringe, IAMA, ATBGE (awful taste but great execution - hilarious if you haven’t seen it) and many more! I am also obsessed with Tik Tok and my favourite creator is Caitlin Reilly, she’s HILARIOUS.

What was the last book that you read that made a huge impact on your life?

I don’t read as much as I should! My boyfriend just got me a kindle so it’s a goal for this year. I love true crime and non-fiction and recently finished Factfulness and Sapiens, two absolutely staple books to help view the world differently!

What is your daily mantra or words to live by?

Laughter is medicine and time is the greatest healer!

What was the best compliment you have ever received?

I don’t think I can beat the feeling of someone complimenting me after a DJ set! I was always inspired to DJ from seeing other female DJs play like Nina Las Vegas, Madam X and Flava D. There’s no better feeling than dancing for a whole hour straight and enjoying every song someone plays! I spend a lot of time curating my sets and blends to get them right, so if someone compliments me afterwards and enjoyed dancing along with me, then my job is done.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? And why?

Someone looking at their phone when you’re trying to talk to them and people being late! Both slightly irritate me because I try to be considerate towards others as much as possible and I would consider these things to be inconsiderate haha (unless someone has an good excuse for being late of course 🙄)

What’s your horoscope sign and how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

I’m a Taurus (Taurus Sun & Taurus Moon) and I’m a very typical one! I’d describe myself as loyal, a foodie and personable! Not sure if that’s the right word, but I love meeting new people and trying to find something in common with everyone I meet!

If you could only bring 3 items with you on a deserted island what would they be and why?

An axe, a net and a lighter ...so I can survive! (practical AF).

What is your love language?

I think to show affection it’s with actions, affirmations and gifts! I love treating and surprising people I adore with a thoughtful gift.

What’s the last thing that made you smile/giggle?

Last night my boyfriend was shaving his beard into funny shapes and we were both crying laughing (just an ordinary day around here) and also watching The Office (US version).

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