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Luxy® Hair  - Wedding hairstyles for long hair: 3 beautiful hairstyles for brides and bridesmaids

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: 3 beautiful hairstyles for brides and bridesmaids

There are so many details that go into planning a dream wedding. From the dress to the venue, the flowers, the hair and makeup artists and of course, the wedding hairstyle, a new bride is met with choice upon choice when planning her dream day. Once you've said yes to the dress, choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle to complement your bridal gown is the next step to achieving that fairytale wedding look you envision.

Wedding hairstyles for long hairCandace Gulitus @candacegulitus is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Kate Panza Photography @katepanzaphotography

Choosing the right wedding hair

When choosing your wedding hairstyle, it is important to consider four main factors.

Your wedding dress style

Does your wedding gown feature a high neck? You may want to choose an updo to show it off. Is it classic and simple? You may want to opt for a dramatic hairstyle with curls and a hairpiece. Back detailing? Consider a braid or side ponytail. 

The weather

Is there anything more refreshing than a cool breeze on your neck during a hot summer day, or the comfort of cascading hair on your shoulder when it's cooler? Consider the season when choosing your perfect wedding hair. The hairstyles below all feature long, flowing waves and curls, perfect for a fall or indoor wedding.

Your hair length and texture

Perhaps you've fallen in love with an intricate Pinterest hairstyle, only to find out your hair is too fine to hold the style or your hair needs to grow out a few inches. All is not lost, however. Hair too short or needs a bit of extra volume? Hair extensions are a quick, simple way to achieve instant additional length and volume to achieve the wedding hairstyle for long hair of your dreams. 

Will you wear a veil?

If so, airy updos may get crushed under the fabric. Consider a down hairstyle or half-up wedding hairstyle if your wedding look features a veil, or opt for a softer hairstyle if you will forego the veil. 

Brittany Gray of luxury on-site hair and makeup company Fancy Face Inc. says the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your wedding hair should be how you feel in it. "ItÔÇÖs best to always choose what will make you feel the most beautiful and confident," she says. After all, a lot of hairstyles are quite versatile so with the right pinning or accessories itÔÇÖs easy to suit a style to your dress."

Wedding hairstyles for long hairCandace Gulitus @candacegulitus is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Kate Panza Photography @katepanzaphotography

Should you do your own wedding hair?

The first step when determining your wedding hairstyle is deciding whether to opt for a professional hairstylist or to go the DIY route and create your own coiffure. Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, the world of wedding hairstyles is at your fingertips and you can easily pin and save your favorite hairstyles to either bring to your hairstylist or learn to create at home. One thing is for sure: whether you're a bride or bridesmaid, having beautiful, fuss-free hair as you walk down the aisle is so important.

Wedding hairstyles for long hairCandace Gulitus @candacegulitus is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Kate Panza Photography @katepanzaphotography

Beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair

Whether you've chosen to DIY your wedding hair or will go with a professional hairstylist, we've teamed up with our friend Alex Gaboury to create three easy, beautiful hairstyles for brides or bridesmaids that are sure to make your wedding hair dreams come true.

Alex walks you through a bohemian inspired updo with fishtail braids, a soft and pretty down hairstyle, and a half up hairstyle with braided detailing. Whether you're a classic bride or a bridesmaid looking for that perfect wedding hairstyle, one of these hairstyles will be perfect for you.

Follow along for step by step instructions and practice the hairstyle multiple times if you are doing your own hair, or simply show your hairstylist a photo or video for them to recreate.

Bohemian wedding updo long hair 

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

This updo is a beautiful way to get your hair up, off your neck allowing you to showcase beautiful back detailing on your wedding dress. 

Step 1

Divide your hair into two even sections and bring one side to the front, leaving the other half free to style in the back.

Step 2

Separate out some face-framing layers from the section in the front and clip them out of the way.

Step 3

Now, you're going to work on the French fishtail braid. Grab a two-inch section of hair from the crown of your head and place a one-clip weft of Luxy Hair extensions underneath to give the braid more thickness. Once it's clipped in, gather it with the section and begin the braid. 

Step 4

To create a fishtail braid, divide the section of hair into two equal pieces. Take a small section of hair from the right piece and cross it over to the left piece. Repeat on the left side, then start French fishtail braiding.

Step 5

To create a French fishtail braid, follow the same steps as a regular fishtail braid, however, everytime you cross over a piece of hair, add a second section of hair from your hairline and cross it over as well. Repeat this pattern all the way down your head until the nape of your neck.

Step 6

Repeat steps 2-5 on the other half of your hair so that you're left with two French fishtail braids on either side.

Step 7

Fan out each braid to make them look fuller and thicker by pulling out little sections of hair from the top to the bottom.

Step 8

Grab the left braid and begin tightly wrapping it around your head. Secure with bobby pins at the top. Then, take the right braid and wrap it in the opposite direction. Hide the ends under the first braid for a cleaner look. Once you're happy with the placement, secure it into place with bobby pins

Step 9

Curl the fame framing pieces using a 1 1/4 inch curling wand for beautiful, soft waves. Finally, finish off the look with some crystal hairpins or a bridal comb for added sparkle.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Princess inspired wedding hairstyle

This down-do is the perfect way to swoop your hair back on your wedding day in a really soft and elegant way.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Step 1

Clip in a full set of Luxy Hair extensions to add extra volume and cascading length for this look. Use a 1 1/4 inch curling wand to add some soft waves and blend your hair extensions with your natural locks.

Step 2

Section your hair off at the crown of your hair and begin to create a three-strand braid. Loosen up the braid by tugging on small sectionsÔÇöthis will make the next step much easier.

Step 3

Grab a one-inch sized section from your hairline and begin loosely twisting it counter-clockwise. Once its twisted, begin pulling on the twist to fan it out and give it a nice, undone look.

Step 4

Pull the ends of the twist through a knot in at the top of the braid and bobby pin in place. Then, repeat step 3 and 4 on the opposite side of your head.

Step 5

Continue the same process all the way down your head creating multiple twists that are closely woven together. Using hair extensions is especially great for this look as it creates extra color dimension and thickness throughout the hairstyle, bringing it to life.

Step 6

Finish the look with a crystal vine or bridal headpiece placed at the back of your head.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Half-up wedding hairstyle with fishtail braid

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

This soft, regal long wedding hairstyle will look beautiful as you walk down the aisle. It's the perfect option if you want to keep your hair styled down on your wedding day with just a touch of extra detailing.

Step 1

For the base of this hairstyle, you will need to create volume at the crown of your head. To do this, grab a small section of hair at your crown and use a teasing comb in short, downward strokes to volumize the hair. 

Step 2

Smooth down the teased section with a comb and gather the hair together into a small twist. Push up to create a small poof and secure with bobby pins.

Step 3

For the accent braids, grab a one-inch section of hair at the front of your head. If you need extra volume or want your braid to be extra thick, feel free to add in a one-clip weft of Luxy Hair extensions underneath this section.

Step 4

Fishtail braid the section of hair by taking small pieces of hair from one side and crossing it over to the other. Continue this pattern by alternating sides until you've reached the bottom of the strand, then pull apart the braid slightly for extra thickness.

Step 5

Wrap the braid around your head and pin it right underneath the twisted poof. Then, repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side of your head.

Step 6

Grab a section of hair at the hairline, below your fishtail braid. With this strand, create a three-strand braid. Fan out the braid and repeat on the opposite side of your head. You can create your own spin on this look by swapping out a three-strand braid for a waterfall braid, dutch braid, or twistÔÇöit's totally up to you!

Step 7

Finish off the hairstyle with an embellished bridal hairpiece.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Whether you're hoping to wear your hair up, down, or somewhere in the middle, we're sure that one of these hairstyles will be a knockout as you walk down the aisle. Are you getting married? Have you chosen your wedding hairstyle? Do you have any advice for other brides or any questions for us? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below. 

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