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Luxy® Hair  - 3 Minute Hairstyle: The Easiest Hairstyle You'll Ever Do
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3 Minute Hairstyle: The Easiest Hairstyle You'll Ever Do

Easy hairstyle, cute hairstyle AND quick hairstyle all in one?? Yes, please!

We're so excited to share this fun hair tutorial with you this week! We collaborated with our beautiful friend Jenny from Margo & Me to bring you this 3 minute hairstyle that is gorgeous but is super easy to create. Jenny shows how to pull off a neat trick with your hair to make it seem like you've spent hours on the hairstyle, while in reality, it literally took 3 minutes. Ready to see what the trick is? Click below to watch the video:

What's cool about this hairstyle, is that you can try different kinds of braids with it - it doesn't have to be a regular three strand braid. To make it more interesting, try doing a fishtail braid, or even a 5 strand braid! If you do, be sure to tag us @luxyhair in the photo on Instagram as we love to feature our favorites on our account. 

If you're finding your hair isn't quite long or thick enough for this hairstyle, we recommend to give clip-in hair extensions a try. That's what Jenny in this tutorial did! For added length and thickness, she used her 160g Chestnut Brown Luxy Hair extensions to achieve this beautiful look. 

easy hair style

This hairstyle can also work on curly hair, as well as hair without bangs. If you don't have bangs, just leave out some framing pieces in the front and give them a quick curl to achieve that whimsical look. 

Go on and give this a try! It's a perfect holiday hairstyle, or for date night, or a fun night out with your friends.

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