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Luxy® Hair  - Meet Natalie: #myluxyhairstory
Hair Extensions

Meet Natalie: #myluxyhairstory

We continue our Luxy Hair Story customer contest this week with our beautiful customer Natalie's story. Read on...

Loss of Identity

I woke up one morning and felt like there was way more hair than usual on my pillow, I brushed it off, thinking I was just imagining it, and went about my routine. About two weeks later, I noticed that my hair was shedding way more in the shower and when I would brush my hair. A week later, I went to put my hair in a ponytail and burst into tears. I could feel how thin my hair felt, it didn’t feel like it was my hair. I didn’t understand how could I go from luscious thick hair to thin hair!


I immediately called my doctor to set up and appointment, after two blood tests I found out I had hyperthyroidism, which was causing my hair loss. I also was told it would be awhile before my hair would get back to normal. I cried...as a woman I feel as though our hair is our focal point, it gives us femininity and boldness. My beautiful curly hair was so much a part of my identity that without my thick locks, I didn’t feel like myself. I wouldn’t let my boyfriend (now fiancé!) touch my hair because I felt it didn’t feel luxurious anymore. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach for weeks as I struggled with my self-confidence and the remarks of others who began noticing that my hair now looked “deflated”.

#myluxyhairstory Natalie

I just didn’t want to explain that due to my illness, my hair fell out and I wasn’t sure if it would ever completely go back to normal. I began to tease my hair and use hairspray to make up for the volume I used to have. But I ended up with overly hair sprayed hair that wouldn’t move and was hard as a rock. It was the oddest texture - I looked like I belonged in the 1980’s!

Enter Luxy Hair

On a whim, I decided to purchase Luxy Hair extensions, because my best friend was raving about the brand. She used them to create natural looking highlights in her hair so she wouldn’t have to damage her hair with bleach. I always admired how her hair looked and never thought she had extensions in so I thought I would give the extensions a try.

Before purchasing my extensions online, I was already thinking they were going to be annoying, hurt, and come out easily. Like what if I was walking down the street and they just popped off? Or if I was out to dinner and they were hurting me and I had to take them off and my dinner guest noticed my hair wasn't thick anymore? I stressed about these two things until my package arrived.

When I took them out of the packaging I couldn’t have been happier. They were silky, and it took me five minutes to put them in my hair, they blended into my hair seamlessly. Also, they never ever popped out of my hair! I could dance around my house or run with them and I never had any issues. I was nervous about my Luxy extensions pulling on my already sensitive scalp/hair, but that wasn’t the case. They were comfortable and natural looking, I finally felt like myself again. How could hair extensions make me so incredibly happy? I never thought was going to happen, I was not expecting my Luxy Hair extensions to look so beautiful.

#myluxyhairstory Natalie

I have naturally coarse, curly hair and I love how Luxy Hair extensions blend in with my hair no matter how I choose to wear it. The flexibility in not just having to wear my hair straight because that’s how they come is amazing!  I couldn’t stop taking pictures or going out to the store for no reason other than to display my beautiful, long, silky hair. I curl my extensions, straighten them, put them into braids to create beach waves the next morning, and wash them. I treat them exactly how I would if they were growing out of my own head. The best part was no one even noticed that I had extensions in despite the Luxy Hair extensions being so much thicker than my own hair.

#myluxyhairstory Natalie

I never realized how much my hair defined me since I had such thick hair prior to having hyperthyroidism. Losing so much of my hair crushed me as my hair had always been something that I was complimented on. Thanks to Luxy Hair, I started getting those compliments and feeling beautiful again. Everyone kept saying my hair got thick and healthy again quickly. I just told them it was all because of biotin (not the case!).

Luxy Hair extensions...going strong after 5 years of use

What is amazing is that I have had my extensions for YEARS, they’ve have been dyed darker (since unfortunately due to hyperthyroidism I get thick patches of gray hair), heat styled, taken on an airplane, worn while on rides at Six Flags, the beach, worn while I was being proposed to, and will definitely be a part of my wedding day next year. My hair extensions have been through all this and still look so gorgeous.

#myluxyhairstory Natalie

My hyperthyroidism impacts my hair every so often, but with or without it I would wear my Luxy Hair extensions - they are addicting! I don’t think I will never not wear them, I have gotten so used to wearing them and they are so comfortable. I have been trying different hairstyles for my wedding and my Luxy hair extensions are hold up so well even in the most complicated up-dos and down do’s. After almost 5 years with this extensions and proper care they have not failed me yet. I had no idea that they would last this long, but I am thrilled.

Thank you, Luxy Hair!

Cheers to the most confident years of my life and my extensions helping me out by lifting my self-confidence and making me feel like me again! 

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story with us, Natalie! Would you like to share your Luxy Hair Story with us? Click here to find out how. You can have your Luxy Hair story featured on our Hair Blog!

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