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Luxy® Hair  - Meet Kheyra: #myluxyhairstory
Hair Extensions

Meet Kheyra: #myluxyhairstory

We continue the #myluxyhairstory journey this week with Kheyra, who has unruly, ethnic hair that just wouldn't grow past her shoulders. Read on to discover how Kheyra overcame her insecurity and gained newfound confidence with with Luxy Hair extensions

Unruly hair, and an unhealthy mindset

Throughout my life I always had a struggle with my hair. I have biracial hair, so it is very curly and unruly. It stayed just passed my shoulders, and never grew more than that. My hair grew out, not down, and it wasn’t a style I liked. I was envious of the long hair my friends had, and wished there was a way for me to achieve it. I was willing to try almost anything. I stood out all through my early years of school, because I was the only one with big curly hair, and it made me self-conscious and gave me a negative view on my appearance. At one point, I wouldn’t leave the house if my hair was curly because I was so upset with my appearance.

#myluxyhairstory Before Luxy Hair Extensions 

It was an unhealthy mindset, and I hoped that one day I would be able to accept my hair for what it was. I could not wear fun hair accessories or follow new hair trends. Everything got lost in my hair. I began washing, blow drying and straightening it with a flat iron every Sunday starting in Grade Eight so that it would last about a week. It was a start, but it was still shoulder length. I wanted longer, fuller hair that I could do more hairstyles with.

A bad haircut...

I had thought briefly about hair extensions before, but I didn’t know anybody who had gotten them. I also didn’t know that clip in hair extensions existed, and thought the ones that did were at costume stores. Hairdressers told me they were damaging to your hair, and I was skeptical to look any further into it. When I was seventeen, I got a bad haircut and I knew my hair would take years to return to the way it was. My hair already didn’t grow, and now I had a bigger problem. I decided that I wanted to try hair extensions.

I started searching for clip in extensions since my hair is very curly and I didn’t want to bother with sew in ones that would likely look terrible and not match my hair texture. Many ethnic hair extensions can’t be styled, and I wanted hair extensions that I could style into my own hair, and ones that looked as natural as possible. I also hoped to get a budget-friendly set, since I was a student with only a part time job. Since I never left my hair naturally curly anyways, I looked for hair extensions that would work in straight hair.

#myluxyhairstory Before Luxy Hair Extensions
Then I found Luxy Hair

While searching, I came across Luxy Hair. I researched reviews and browsed their Instagram for more information and compared them to other brands I had found online. The good reviews on Luxy Hair were far better than the reviews on other brands. I followed both the Luxy Sisters on Instagram, as well as the girls who worked in the Luxy office so I could see the type of people that represented the brand. I was pleasantly surprised at how authentic and kind the brand seemed, and thought it was too good to be true. The Luxy Hair website was welcoming, friendly and helpful and they looked like a brand I could trust, especially since the brand was Canadian. As a fellow Canadian, it was just another reason to be drawn to the brand!

#myluxyhairstory KheyraStill, I was nervous to order because I wasn’t sure they would blend in my hair, or that they would appear cheap and would be a waste of money. I worried that they would look “stringy” as many hair extensions do. However, when I discovered the Luxy Hair YouTube channel, that worry was almost gone. It was so helpful to see tutorials with the extensions clipped in. The many tutorials featured girls with different hair types, some of which had similar hair types to my own, and they gave advice and tips on how to care for both your natural hair and the extensions. They were not trying to just sell a product, but rather help out their viewers and give them as much information as possible. 

After thinking about it, I thought that it was better to try it rather than never know. Plus, the fact that Luxy Hair came with a tester piece made my decision a little easier. If they didn’t blend or I wasn’t happy, I had the chance to return them. There were tutorials and videos online about how to choose the best hair match, and they even offered to help you if you sent them a photo of your hair. With all these factors in mind, I went for it!

#myluxyhairstory After Luxy Hair (160g Mocha Brown)

I was amazed! 

I still remember how excited I was when the mailman delivered my 160g Mocha Brown extensions to the door. I immediately clipped them in, and was completely amazed. I couldn’t believe how natural they looked! All the years wishing I could have long hair were long over, and I had learned to accept the hair that I had, but my extensions gave me just a little more confidence. Knowing I could achieve the look I wanted with a few clips was amazing! I wore them everywhere, and was so proud when strangers would compliment my hair, something I had never really experienced before. I felt good, and I knew that Luxy Hair extensions would be something I’d be buying again.

#myluxyhairstory 160g Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair Extensions

Since then I have ordered three sets, my most recent being the Ombre Chestnut set since I had gotten balayage done to my hair. I’ve learned that it’s important to feel comfortable with your natural appearance, but there’s nothing wrong giving yourself a little boost of confidence and changing your look a little! If I could give advice to anyone thinking about buying Luxy Hair extensions, I’d say to go for it. They are so low maintenance if you take precautions such as brushing and heat protecting, and the best part is they aren’t permanent. They are a quick way to change your hairstyle, and they can be cut and styled in whichever way you desire. I’m always playing with my hair and finding new tutorials on how to style it.

Thank you Luxy Hair! 

#myluxyhairstory 160g Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair Extensions

I love the confidence that my Luxy Hair extensions have given me! I wear my Luxies almost every day and I LOVE them.

Thank you for taking the time to share your Luxy Hair Story with us, Kheyra - we're so happy to be a part of your hair journey! Click here if you would like to share your Luxy Hair Story for a chance to be featured on our Hair Blog. xoxo

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