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Luxy® Hair  - Meet Laura: #myluxyhairstory

Meet Laura: #myluxyhairstory

Hundreds of thousands of people are affected with DVT in the US per year - our beautiful customer Laura was one of them. Laura shares her Luxy Hair Story about how this illness led to her thinning hair, and how her hair was transformed with Luxy Hair extensions.

My security blanket was ripped away

My hair is everything to me. I’ve always prided myself in my strong healthy thick head of hair, and it has always been much like a security blanket to my self-confidence – if my hair looks great, I feel great. 

In 2012, during the first month away from home at my first year of college, I was diagnosed with DVT or, Deep Vein Thrombosis, a serious life-threatening blood clot. I was 18 years old and being thrown all these risk-related phrases like, “Laura, you must know all the signs of a stroke…Laura, beware that while on your blood thinners you will experience heavier bleeding…” I lived 3 hours away from family while at college, and had to stay in the area to be monitored by a hematologist. I didn’t quite understand what was going on but I did know that my world was being turned upside down due to my health.

#myluxyhairstory Before Luxy Hair Extensions

Because I was so young when I was diagnosed, compared to the average DVT patient’s age, I spent a great deal of time going to receive blood work several times a week. During one of my routine testings, they discovered I was also anemic, meaning my body was lacking the normal amount of iron it needed. This changed my body a lot – including my beautiful thick head of hair. My hair started thinning quite a bit during that time, and I was mortified. My security blanket was ripped away from me, and my hair became stringy and lifeless. I tried thickening shampoos & conditioners, I tried dying it, I tried every vitamin under the sun…nothing seemed to be doing the trick to bring back the healthy thickness I desired.

#myluxyhairstory Before Luxy Hair Extensions

Not long after all of these ailments, I came across Elanna Pecherle’s YouTube channel. I admired her beauty and confidence, her makeup techniques, and most of all the gorgeous head of hair she styled. I soon found out she wore hair extensions by Luxy Hair. My knowledge about hair extensions prior to watching Elanna’s videos was very limited. I had known some people who wore hair extensions, but didn’t understand how they styled them or how they even worked for that matter.

Luxy Hair answered all my questions and more, but I was still nervous

Luxy Hair’s website gave me everything I needed to know and more about hair extensions; but more than that, the Luxy Hair team is full of sweethearts who genuinely care about their customers. I had a million questions I wanted to know before taking the plunge to purchase them, and the Luxy Hair team did not let me down. From sending me free swatches within days, to explaining the different weights and types of band options, I was learning so much.

I finally decided to purchase the 160g Dirty Blonde Classic clip-in extensions. As soon as they arrived in the mail, I dropped everything I was doing to figure out how they would look on me and get myself adjusted to using them. Before opening the packaging, I had a sudden moment of, “what have I just gotten myself into?!"

So many thoughts ran through my head. I suffer from migraines, so my first thought was, these are going to be heavy and weigh my hair down all day, causing more migraines – oh great! I also thought about how I wasn't one of those pretty girls all over Instagram and YouTube who wear hair extensions; I had no clue what I was doing...why did I spend money on something I have no idea how to use? These wouldn't possibly make me feel any more beautiful...

Of course, I fell in love!
#myluxyhairstory 160g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions

To be honest, even after watching so many videos, I hadn’t the slightest clue what I was doing with the extensions. It took a few days of trial and error to figure it out. But after learning what worked best on me, I quickly fell in love. With Luxy Hair extensions, I am finally able to feel confident again with my hair. The extensions blend seamlessly with my natural hair and the color is a perfect match. I felt like I was transformed into the confident woman I had always wanted to be.

#myluxyhairstory 160g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair Extensions

#myluxyhairstory 160g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair Extensions

My first thoughts after receiving my Luxies were so wrong, because they DO make me feel beautiful and confident! Luxy Hair extensions have pushed me to be more adventurous with my hairstyles. I can do so much more with a full and thick head of hair, without feeling weighed down or self-conscious of people noticing the extensions. The compliments that have come along with this new confidence and beautiful hair have made me feel amazing! I’ve never been one to think that looks are everything; however, my Luxy hair extensions make me feel beautiful and confident, which in turn makes me happy and feel great about myself. 

There is no limit to who can wear the extensions: my mother, my sister, my co-workers, my boyfriend’s mom, my friends… Everyone wants to know the secret to my hair; and I am always proud to tell them about my Luxy Hair Story.

#myluxyhairstory 160g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair Extensions

It has now been a little over 5 years since my DVT & anemia diagnosis, and so much has happened in those 5 years. Like anyone, I have my ups & downs in life, but I am learning to live through the grace of stumbling. If I’m stumbling with a beautiful head of hair, then I guess life can’t be all too bad! 

Thank you, Luxy Hair!

Thank you to the Luxy Hair team for being the sweetest, most helpful people on my journey to hair confidence, and thank you to Elanna Pecherle for introducing me to Luxy Hair. I will forever be a huge fan and advocate of this brand and their mission to make everyone feel beautiful and confident. Of all of the things in this world to worry and fret over, my hair will no longer be a reason. I am so happy with my Luxies!

Thank you for having the courage to share your Luxy Hair Story with us, Laura - we're so happy to be a part of your hair journey! Click here if you would like to share your Luxy Hair Story for a chance to be featured on our Hair Blog. xoxo

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