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Luxy® Hair  - Perfect pairings: earring & hairstyle matches made in heaven

Perfect pairings: earring & hairstyle matches made in heaven

With the holidays and New Years around the corner, you’ve likely begun thinking about what you’re going to wear and started planning out your hair and makeup for all the festive parties and events. While having a great outfit is obviously key to an eye-catching holiday look, there are also other elements involved that polish things up and add the finishing touch. We’re talking accessories, and more specifically, earrings!

Earring and hairstyle matches

If you’ve ever been confused with exactly which hairstyle suits a certain type of earring, we hear you and we’ve definitely been there. Should I opt for pearls or drop-style earrings with a side-swept updo? Do tassel earrings work with straight hair? All valid questions and all of those that will be answered with our perfect pairings guide. We’ve gathered five of our go-to pairings and we hope you’ll take some inspiration from these looks for all your formal occasions in the next few weeks!

Trendy Style: Chandelier Earrings x Sideswept Part

Earring and hairstyle matches

The Earring

If you like to make a statement with a fashion-forward look, the chandelier earring and tucked hair combo is the pairing for you! Chandelier earrings are THE jewelry trend this year and they come in many different styles, whether its a diamond fringe earring or a chunky sparkly vintage style. Everyone from the Royals to Instagram’s biggest bloggers have jumped on this trend, and now you can too.

The hair

In our opinion, the perfect hairstyle to compliment a chandelier earring is a whimsical side swept look to really show off your bling. This is a classic formal hairstyle and is a great way to wear your hair down while exuding elegance and grace For this look, we suggest parting your hair deeply to one side. Next, curl your entire head of hair in one direction, then sweep it over one shoulder and pin into place. Add Luxy Hair extensions for extra volume and length, and top things off with your glizy earrings. Viola, you have yourself a perfect pair.

Minimalist & Classic Style: Gold Hoops x Low Bun

Earring and hairstyle matches

The earring:

If you’re more of a minimalist, our perfect pairing earring and hair combo for you this holiday season is gold hoops paired with a low bun. Gold hoops are an everyday, practical staple that nearly every girl owns in her jewelry collection. They’re the perfect polished earring and are versatile enough to work with nearly every holiday look. When in doubt, opt for a gold hoop.

The hair:

If you’re concerned the gold hoop isn’t dressy enough for a holiday engagement, our hairstyle recommendation would be a polished low bun! This adds instant class and elegance to a look, especially when paired with something minimal like the gold hoop. This look gives off effortless sophistication, which in our books is a huge checkmark, especially when it comes to office or family holiday parties this season.

To achieve the look, simply part your hair in the center and smooth behind your ears into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Twist the hair into a bun and pin into place. If your hair is thick, we recommend braiding the hair first before twisting it into a bun to ensure the style holds tight and stays in place all evening. If your hair is thin, we suggest adding a few wefts of Luxy Hair extensions into your ponytail for a full-looking bun. For variations of a bun and more tips for achieving the look, check out our Luxy hair guide for 3 simple holiday buns.

Girly Girl: Pearl Studs x Soft Half Updo

Earring and hairstyle matches

The earring:

If you have a flair for pink and all things feminine, we have the ideal holiday pairing for you! Pearls are the girly girl’s best friend and the ultimate holiday party accessory. Pearls exude class, daintiness, and poise like no other earring and are something that will never go out of style. Since pearls are quite neutral, they can also go with essentially any outfit, but we’d suggest going with a festive red or classic LBD to really get in the holiday party spirit.

The hair:

To match the ultra-feminine pearl earring, we suggest opting for a soft, loose half-updo. By pulling back the pieces at the front of the hair, you’re still allowing the earrings to be showed off in a strategic way. For those with naturally thin hair, we highly recommend adding Luxy Hair extensions to your half-up look to ensure you get lasting volume and that  there’s enough hair to work with and style once half is pinned back. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a fancier half-up style like the French twist? A look like this will have everyone asking how you did your hair, but in reality, it's actually quite simple and effortless. Check out our Frech Twist hair tutorial for a step-by-step guide, and don’t forget to top it with pearls!

Bold & Fun-loving: Tassel earrings x Voluminous Blowout

Earring and hairstyle matches

The earring:

If you have an affinity for accessories and color, our holiday match made in heaven for you is tassel earrings paired with a side-swept part! Tassel earrings never fail to make a statement and are one of the few earrings you can purchase in wild colors and still look chic. We recommend trying to find a metallic silver tassel earring or a bright holiday red! Or, if you’re wanting to be a little more subtle, navy or a darker forest green are also great festive options.

The hair:

To style tassel earrings this season, we suggest opting for a glamorous blowout type hairstyle. The key with this look is to ensure the hair around the crown of the head is sleek and tucked behind the ears so that the bold earrings are on full display! Our main tips for perfecting a salon-worthy blowout is to use the “pull and roll” technique when the hair is 70% dry. This means using a round brush to slowly brush towards the end of your hair and following along with a hairdryer. Once the hair is all dry and voluminous, we suggest using a light wax or frizz taming cream to smooth the hair at the crown of your head. Finish off with a drop of hair oil, and and tuck face-framing pieces behind your ears.

Low maintenance: Statement Gold Earring x Loose Beach Waves

Earring and hairstyle matches

The earring:

If you’re the effortless holiday party girl, our suggestion of a perfect pairing for you is loose natural waves with a statement gold earring. The great thing about a statement earring is they do all the talking for you! Opt for a gold statement earring is perfect for this type of girl r because gold is still classic, but we suggest trying out a gold earring in a new shape or style so you can step out of your comfort zone for a special event. We love twisted gold earrings, geometric shapes, and bold variations of a hoop. Simply pair your bold, gold earring of choice with a little black dress or simple silk slip dress, and you’re good to go!

The hair:

If you’ve been blessed with natural wavy hair texture, we recommend simply working with that and going for loose beach waves or a messy look. If your hair is relatively straight, try using a curling wand to add a few waves and body to your hair. To get that natural, textured look, we suggest alternating directions of each curl to mimic the appearance of someone who has naturally wavy hair rather than a super uniform curled look.

Earring and hairstyle matches

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the most perfect earring and hairstyles combinations that are matches made in heaven. Be sure to hashtag #myluxyhair on Instagram if you re-create any of our perfect pairings, we love to hear from you!

Written By: Olivia DiPede

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